Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bitcoin for Dummies (like me...) !

For those of you who feel the excellent video series we recommended by Udemy went too deep, find it easier to absorb the written word or just like the idea of having a simpler precis to hand, you could do a lot worse than click on the link here...

What the guys at BTC Gear have created isn't just a great precis of what bitcoin is - and how it can improve your life - but one that works beautifully on any mobile device. This makes it a great distraction during your commute and a great resource to have in your pocket should a bar-side debate demand it(...!).

Should you choose to access Bitcoin Simplified through their main site, you will also find an eclectic mix of bitcoin paraphernalia, software and super-cool GUNNAR Optik shades, all of which can be purchased with bitcoin.

Good job guys!

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