Thursday, 18 July 2013

Can you survive only on Bitcoin?

Word about Bitcoin is spreading. The number of products and services you can buy with Bitcoin is growing. But can you actually survive on Bitcoin alone? Is it possible to stock up on groceries, fill up the car and pay the rent using only this digital currency?
Well, one couple are attempting to do just that. Newly-weds, Austin and Beccy Craig, are planning to live only on Bitcoin for the first ninety days of their married life. The couple from Provo, Utah, are documenting this journey through their own blog and video diaries, with the ultimate goal being a fully produced documentary. Yes, as well as just getting married and putting themselves under financial pressure, they are doing it all under the watchful eye of a film crew.

Their goals for the documentary are ambitious. Not only are they hoping to get by with the day to day necessities by paying with Bitcoin, they are also planning on doing a road trip and travelling abroad. These goals are all dependent on the one thing they are trying to promote: Bitcoins. 

By raising Bitcoin funds to pay for this, they are also raising awareness of Bitcoin itself and will be trying to persuade as many people as possible to take Bitcoin as well as hunting down the ones that already do. 

The experiment kicks off in one week's time when they are back from their honeymoon. They are certainly starting married life with an adventure and one that will put Bitcoin to the ultimate test. Is it just as functional as traditional currency? They are about to find out.

By Louise at Bitscan

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