Monday, 22 July 2013

Fit for a Prince: Bitcoin baby buys

Wherever you are in the world, there is no escaping the fact that a certain baby has just been born and so in the spirit of Royal baby fever, we thought this was an ideal opportunity to look at what you (or the Duke and Ducchess of Cambridge) could possibly buy the baby who has everything - all bought in bitcoins of course!

The new Prince will undoubtedly have more silver spoons and china plates than you can shake a diamond-encrusted rattle at. Clearly any self-respecting modern-day baby needs to be introduced to a modern-day currency so here's a quick look at some of the best bitcoin baby buys around!

The physical bitcoin

Yes, bitcoin is a digital currency, but it is possible to buy a physical coin with actual bitcoins embedded inside. offer these coins from ฿1 and ฿25 coins to a 100BTC gold plated savings bar - perfect for that regal gift.

The paper wallet

In the same vein of giving a physical bitcoin, paper wallets are another way of giving something tangible as a gift. gives you the option to print off your own wallet, and then load it with bitcoins, which you can transfer yourself. For the less tech-savvy there are special instructions on the back to let the recipient know how to use it.

The mug

With Royal souvenir shops going into overdrive printing mugs, plates, tea-towels, you name it, why not get the little Prince his own customised mug, paid for in bitcoins? promotes free UK shipping as well so it won't cost a single satoshi to post to the palace.

The cellar

How about something for Kate and Will to store away for the future or to pop open now to celebrate the birth of their new baby? The Californian picninc wine company has a range of wines and became the first US winery to accept bitcoins.

The jewels
What gift is better for a Prince than some jewels – or in this case, a crypto-cuff! Pod and Bean's unique customised cuff comes stamped with your own bitcoin address, or one of your choice. Set up a bitcoin address for the Royal baby and present him with his very own crypto-currency keepsake.

By Louise at Bitscan

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