Thursday, 21 November 2013

We Just Gotta Tell You About This!

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It's going to be rare that we step beyond the Bitcoin world in these features but occasionally something comes to our attention that has such synergy with what bitcoin is about that it would be remiss of us not to draw it to your attention.

What follows is a link to the UK's first crowd-funded investment bank.  If bitcoin is about the democratization of money, a crowd-funded investment bank is all about the democratization of finance.  

Bank to the Future is a revolutionary concept that aims to re-invigorate the economy of the UK by channeling capital back into an economic engine that our Banksters have forgotten.  Would you believe that of all finance, 40% is directed at inflating the property market and another 40% is re-invested in the financial sector, leaving less than 20% for small businesses.  For an economy that is trying to drag itself back into growth this is criminal but with such certain yield available in property and finance, our banks have no incentive to take the risk of backing small business - and this 'bottom line first' ethos will kill us all if we let it.

The team at Bank to the Future do not except this destiny and their idea is to put the decision as to who gets funded back into the hands of the masses.  To achieve this they have led the way in lobbying for the regulatory reform (in UK) that allows investors to be recompensed for the risks they are taking with equity in the companies they choose to invest in.  This is nothing short of revolutionary.

The video below features the company's CEO, Simon Dixon.  Simon is recognized as an expert on monetary policy and banking, following his work with Positive Money.  He features in an excellent video, 97% owned and has his own You Tube channel; you should check him out.

Simon has assembled an strong team around him at Bank to the Future who are positioned to leverage first mover advantage in a new market which is destined to be just huge.

Anyway, without further ado, have a look at this:
Oh and one more thing. UK investors will qualify for meaningful relief if they are higher rate tax payers.

Finally, I should end by saying that while we have taken the investment plunge personally, we have absolutely no business relationship with Bank to the Future or Simon personally.  We simply believe in what they are doing and want to nourish the connection between crowd-funding and bitcoin.

We are living history, people, and if we want to wrestle control of humanities' destiny from the the banks and corporations, bitcoin and crowd-funding will be how we do it.

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Rob @ BitScan 

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